Thanks and Giving…

Source Thanks… to all of you sticking with me through my long break.  I really have missed this so much but I’ve been really busy with school and trying to balance all the other things I like to do like read books, learning to code and read blogs.  I would hate to spend every second … More Thanks and Giving…

Starlooks LooksBook: Shimmering Future

This month’s Starlooks Book had 3 amazing Fall products including a gold metallic eyeliner, a shimmering eyeshadow duo and a dark lipstick!  I really loved this month’s contents…let’s take a look! This is the cute book that everything fits in, gorgeously patterned on the inside and outside! The first item, a metallic gold eyeliner in … More Starlooks LooksBook: Shimmering Future

November Goals!

I can’t believe it’s already November!  The year is coming to a close and next month we will look back on all we’ve accomplished.  A new month is like a mini new year, with new goals to improve on and a fresh start!  I have some pretty nice goals for this month, let’s get started! … More November Goals!

Toronto Day 3

Hello lovelies!  I have another day in my Toronto trip for you here!  Today we adventured to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls as well as a small town near by called Niagara on the Lake! This morning we all woke up under the impression our Niagara Falls tour bus left at 10:40 because a … More Toronto Day 3

How to Learn To Love Yourself // Positivity Part VI

Hello lovelies!  I’m back with part 6 of my positivity series, all about learning to love yourself for who you are.  (See part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.)  Loving ourselves is hard when we are surrounded by photos of retouched models and plastic surgery, but if we all work together, … More How to Learn To Love Yourself // Positivity Part VI

Toronto Day 2

Hello lovelies!  These posts about my trip were supposed to go up a lot sooner but my iPhoto is broken and refuses to recognize my iPhone as something to upload pictures from, any tips?  Anyway, here is what I did on day 2 in Toronto! Day 2 we walked over to the St. Lawrence Market … More Toronto Day 2

Mini UK Makeup Haul!

Hello lovelies!  My sister traveled to London last month and picked up a few goodies for me!  More specifically, she got each of her friend’s holy grail drugstore product!  I got something in each category: lips, eyes, face, and cheeks!  Let’s get started! Starting at the top I got Collection Speedy Blush in 01 Tickled … More Mini UK Makeup Haul!

Toronto Day 1

Hello lovelies!  From Saturday to Tuesday, I was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!  I was there to vacation and see the city, which I loved.  It was a beautiful city that felt like home to me.  I’m going to do 4 posts with photos from the four days I was there including which restaurants and activities … More Toronto Day 1

Recipe: Kale Chips

This might just be the easiest recipe you’ll ever see.  No exact measuring, 25 minutes start to finish, AND they taste exactly like Lays potato chips if you close your eyes! What you’ll need: 1 bunch of kale, ripped into 2 inch pieces (do remember it will shrink quite a bit) 2-3 tablespoons olive oil … More Recipe: Kale Chips

How to Feel more Body Confident // Positivity Part III

Hello lovelies!  This is the third installment of my positivity series!  (See part 1 here and part 2 here.)  This one has tips to become more body confident and more body positive.  These things have been issues among men and women in recent years because of the media’s increasing presence and its insane influence on … More How to Feel more Body Confident // Positivity Part III

Banana Oat Smoothie!

Hello lovelies!  Since I’ve become such a foodie lately I thought it would be fun for me to share some of my favorite recipes with you!  I love making smoothies on the weekends when I’m just lounging around until the afternoon because they aren’t super filling but give me energy to be productive.  This one … More Banana Oat Smoothie!

Moving Blog..

It’s been such a great 2 years on this blog but it’s time for me to begin writing under a name I love, with a design I love and much more freedom. The new blog’s name is Born To Be Bright.  It feels so weird actually typing it out because it’s been 6 months since … More Moving Blog..

Christmas Wishlist

I’ve been so busy getting the new blog all set up it hasn’t even crossed my mind to post on here.  I’ve had so many late nights until 2:30 AM and early mornings at 7:00 or so trying to figure everything out. But here I am and definitely in the Christmas spirit.  Am I the … More Christmas Wishlist

December Goals

Every month I like to begin with a group of goals to jumpstart my new month as a new beginning.  It’s a month before we start again with a whole new year so I’d like to make this month good, how about you?  This month I have a solid group of goals to finish this … More December Goals