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You know what I love?  I love putting on a cute skirt and top and feeling awesome in it.  There are a few ways to make sure you don’t look too dressy or something of the sort.  One of my favorite outfits of summer 2013 was a blue polka dotted skirt (skater, of course), a white crew neck tee, my owl necklace, and my floral Keds.  I always wore my favorite fushia lipstick and had my hair half up with a different bow (I liked the fushia one).  This outfit was one of my favorites because it was super girly but the Keds added a little bit of sporty to balance it out.  For the wintertime, I love wearing my red and black floral skirt from Forever 21, my navy muscle tank ish top with a royal blue bandeau, and black tights, crocheted socks and my dark green boots.  The boots and muscle tee add masculinity to an otherwise very feminine outfit.  I bought the cutest black skirt and striped crop top.  I will definitely wear these together because they both have a tiny bit of roughness.  The crop top is navy and white stripes with zippers on the arms and the skirt is a black faux-leather skater skirt, my fave!

To rock the dressy trend without looking overly dressy, add one or two masculine or sporty aspects like a top choice or a shoe decision.  Your makeup could add a little darkness to your outfit as well.  Try a black liner on your bottom water line to give it a little more toughness.  Go for super long lashes and maybe a bold lip that compliments your skirt or dress.  Keep the rest of the face fresh, you don’t want to look overly made-up with an already attention-grabbing outfit!  You want to keep the eyes on the clothes!!

If you want to bring this trend into the business world, try wearing a skirt with a button down and a black or navy blazer.  Try point toe pumps in a loud color and keep accessories to a minimum.  Always keep makeup fresh for work but, again, try a very subtle amount of eyeliner on the water line to give you some roughness.  (Try to get some cute pumps from TopShop and try a blazer from J. Crew, they have such a good selection you are bound to find one.)

For a straight up girly look, wear a cute skirt, femme lace bib top, platform heels, and rock some extra eyeliner and black mascara for enviable eyes.  Definitely go for a brighter lip color that corresponds with your skirt (which, if you haven’t guessed is the focus of your outfit) and heels should be probably nude or white (or black).

To wear a skirt at night, you might want to go with tights underneath for a more evening look.  Keep your outfit in the primary colors or neutrals.  And when your outfit is neutral, add a smokey eye and a bold lip but when your outfit has some color, keep your makeup neutral with a golden/brown smokey eye and a natural lip.

Kisses, Sofia


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