Trending: Orange Lips

Readers, orange lips are all over the runway this spring as well as all over the audience of these runways.  Making runway trends work for every day life can be really difficult for us but never fear, I have pulled together my best ways to make that orange lipstick look amazing on you from all over the web and magazines.  Orange is like red’s younger step-sister.

Orange lips work with a lot of skin tones, take Jessica Alba for example.  She is a frequent flyer wearing orange lipstick.  But as you can see, this hue looks fabulous on all skin tones with all hair colors.  Coco Rocha pulls off the bold lip shade with peachy blush and thick black eyeliner and big lipstick

Jennifer Hudson brings this look to the sidelines of the runway with a shimmering gloss.  Olivia Wilde wears this red-orange lipstick to make it easier to wear in real life, still, she kept the rest of her makeup very calm and neutral.  Zooey Deschanel wears this look proud with her fair skin and dark hair.  All the looks have dark mascara and eyeliner but let the rest of the face be natural sot he lips can shine.

When choosing your perfect shade, first pick a texture.  Matte is always the best for most bright lips colors but a gloss looks amazing when going with such a bright color.  I personally would recommend a matte, opaque lipstick for this particular hue.  Then, look for a shade.  Try for a more reddish orange to make it more wearable.  Hold up the tube next to your face with a mirror or next to your hand to find a shade that makes your skin light up.

When rocking this trend, wear clothes that show off the hue, with a contrasting, complimentary or just basic black to bring the lipstick to the focal point.  And make sure to let the lip shine (even if it’s matte) with the rest of your face very chill.

Kisses, Sofia


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