My Starlooks Starbox: March 2014



Cost: $15.00 per month, plus shipping depending on where you live.

So here’s the deal:   Starbox is a monthly subscription service that provides you with the opportunity to try the entire Starlooks, Pro-Quality Makeup Line at an exclusive, discounted price!” ~Starlooks

How It Works:   Starlooks is a PRO quality makeup line, comparable to Makeup Forever, Sephora, M.A.C, Chanel, Dior, and other department store brands at which you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars for just 3-4 FULL SIZE products. The value of the content you receive in your Starbox each month ranges from $35.00 – $99.00, and we give it to you for just $15.00 per month + shipping, and our rate is STILL less than our closest subscription box competitors!” ~Starlooks

My Box:





This Starlooks Starbox products were all picked by one of my favorite YouTubers, Ashley Hackman!  I received a red lipstick, lip liner, and eye liner.

What I Got:

Starlooks “Black Hole” Longwear Eye Liner Pot
Full Size   Value: $13




This gel eyeliner is such a nice eyeliner because the texture is so smooth and it is so easily applied with an angled eyeliner brush.  The name of the color is black hole and it is a really true black, no traces of blue or gray.  This eyeliner can be applied very precisely or you could smudge it for a smokey eye look and it dries super quick.  Did I mention that it’s matte?  Favorite thing ever.

 Starlooks “Cherry Cedar” Lip Pencil
Full Size   Value: $12





This lip liner is in the color Cherry Cedar and I really love it because it is more of a purple-y pink/red.  It goes on super smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips but leaves a matte, rich color behind.

 Starlooks Show them Who’s “BOSS” Lipstick in Boss
Full Size  Value: $12






This lipstick is a little more orange-y than I would prefer but it is nice with lots of orange reflectors in it.  The color is very rich and the texture is super smooth and creamy.  It is very long-lasting and I am a fan of its super moisturizing properties.

The Value:

  • Show them who’s Boss Lipstick in Boss – $12
  • “Cherry Cedar” Lip Pencil – $12
  • “Black Hole” Longwear Eye Liner Pot – $13

The total value of my March Starbox was $37!  I paid $17.68 with shipping for the box and I am so happy with everything!  Since you only get 3 or 4 items per box, I am canceling this subscription and sticking with my Birchbox.  If you want to sign up and try it for yourself, click here!



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