Beauty Haul #3: Target

This haul came out of the fact that I needed a lot of stuff and had some extra money for once.  I had a long laundry list of things I needed to buy to update and fill in the holes in my makeup collection.  Enjoy!


I was on the hunt for a foundation that really matched, that felt good, looked good and had awesome coverage.  I did some research and came up with L’Oreal True Match Foundation in N2.  It is my favorite foundation I’ve had by far!


I also needed a skin care revamp.  My current regimen of random stuff I found in my cabinet was certainly not working and it was time to get serious.  I chose the basic Clean & Clear essentials foaming cleanser for sensitive skin and the deep cleaning toner.  I am loving both of them right now!



My lips are always dry and flaking.  That does not look cute when you are wearing a cute lipstick.  I bought the e.l.f. lip exfoliator to eliminate the problem with little to no effort.  This scrub is in a lipstick tube obviously and it’s basically a stick of sugar!


In the summer, I am always searching for a concealer that will stay on all day through water and all.  I have been looking at the NYX waterproof concealer.  It’s a bit hard to blend but I’m willing to keep my concealer on at the beach!



No matter what color I paint my nails, it always stains them.  I really needed a base coat that protected my nails from terrible staining.  The Wet n Wild Protecting Base Coat is doing exactly what I need it to do.  It is clear even though it looks purple in the bottle, it’s not I promise.


My 30 second top coat is almost out because I share it and we use it at least once or twice a week so it is reaching its last day.  I found a replacement with the Sally Hansen Quik-Dri Top Coat.  It works almost as good if not better than my other one and it’s fantastic!


I was looking for a cheap eyebrow pencil that was light enough so I picked up the e.l.f. Brightening eye liner in coffee, hoping to use it as an eyebrow pencil but although the pencil looked very light, it was actually more of a coffee shade *go figure Sofia*.  It’s too dark for my eye brows but maybe it will be good for a waterline pencil.


I love a moisturizing shave cream and I love eos so why not put them together? I remember when I was younger I would use my sisters eos shave cream because it smelled so good but I just got a travel size for mornings when I need to shave without getting in the shower.  This one is scented pomegranate raspberry which just smells amazing!


Since my sister stole my Aloe Vera gel after I repeatedly took it out of her suitcase and returned it to my bedroom, she repeatedly took it back.  I bought a replacement because I recently got floor burn (yet again) from sliding on the floor.  It helped heal my knees fast and now only a week or two later they are completely healed.

I hope you enjoyed this beauty haul a lot because these are some of my favorite posts to write about but they also take nearly the longest!  xoxo, Sofia

P.S. I am extremely sorry for not posting for so long.  I was busy doing makeup for a musical.  Would you like to see pictures?



4 thoughts on “Beauty Haul #3: Target

  1. I really like Loreal True Match, even though I don’t wear foundation often. I find the coverage is good enough to cover my dark circles and it has worked well in a pinch when I was out of eyeshadow primer.


    1. I love using that foundation for concealer when I don’t have any on hand. It’s a great multi-purpose product! That’s an awesome idea to use it for eyeshadow primer! Xox


  2. Great beauty haul! =) I’ve been wanting to try more Eos products so that might be my next purchase at Target! lol. You should post pictures!!


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