Favorites, May 2014 Beauty Routine Edition!

I’ve discovered 2 little bits that have changed my beauty routine so much these past few weeks, enjoy!

Lemon juice in my hair after I wash it.  After I shampoo and condition my hair, I squirt maybe ⅛ of a cup of lemon juice into my roots and wait a minute or so and rinse.  It keeps your scalp happy, makes your hair unbelievably soft for at least 2 days, and it might even lighten your hair but I haven’t noticed a change yet.  It also wipes out any extra product build-up from anything your shampoo can’t get rid of.

Doing a face mask in the shower.  Your pores are already open wide so why not.  Sometimes I do my whole face and sometimes I just use it as a spot mask.  Only using it on my nose, cheeks, chin, or forehead.  It feels so good to get everything out of your skin when you do a mask in the shower.


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