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So, reader, I was at a party with some of my friends a few days ago and everyone was wearing printed or patterned shorts. I felt so out of place in my usual floral skirt, green boots and v-neck. I am officially on board because I have purchased a pair of printed shorts and I am actually wearing them right now.

To pull off printed shorts, know the rules.

When wearing printed shorts, you must never wear a printed top.

Exception: matching high-waisted shorts and crop top? Be my guest.

Always go for a basic, solid top. Try a solid V-neck tee shirt but to make it special, wear a colored bandeau in a color that appears minimally in your shorts.


Avoid excessive accessorizing.

Exception: pretty much no exception.

Don’t go for 3 necklaces, huge earrings, stacks of bracelets, and neon shoes. OOPS I forgot the loud bag. No. Pick one. You can layer two or maybe three little necklaces, wear medium sized earrings, wear a few dainty bracelets, or a neon accessory. Key word OR. (No loud bags please.)


Your shorts must fit properly.

Exception: NO exception.

Your shorts need to fit snugly around the waist. They should not be baggy or tight. They should not but pulling or belling out on your thighs. If those shorts don’t fit, they just don’t fit. Go find a different pair, not just a different color, different shorts.


Now for two outfit ideas wearing said shorts.

Outfit #1

Being with tribal printed high waisted shorts with some color. Add a basic black or white (depending on the shorts) V-neck tee, it’s okay if it’s a little low. Choose one color that is not a major color in the shorts and find a bandeau that is of that color. Wear the bandeau under the shirt with the shirt tucked into your shorts. Continue with either sandals or boots depending on the weather and add a basic black crossbody purse. Find a delicate necklace such as a little gold feather on a chain and wear that.


Outfit #2

Start with floral shorts or some with a very small print.   Find a white lace tank top (not see though, fully lined please) that has a modest, squareish neckline. Leave the shirt un-tucked if it hits around your hipbones but any longer, tuck it in. Finish with a little bow necklace or something similar and sandals with a bit of studding on them (possibly gladiator but not above the ankle).


I hope all of you celebrate the coming of summer with a pair of printed shorts. Kisses, Sofia

P.S. I am sorry for the extended amount of time between these posts lately.  Graduation has me working with oodles of planning to do.  I hope to start OOTDs in the summer!  Look for those! xoxo


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