National Lipstick Day!














Since it is national lipstick day in the US today, (or so I’ve heard..) I decided to show you some of my favorite lipsticks and swatches.  Above is the Starlooks Ashley Hackman lipstick in Boss, Clinique chubby stick in curvy candy, e.l.f. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Pink Umbrellas, Revlon Color Burst in Provocateur, and last but not least, jordana twist and shine (I have just realized now that I’ve been calling it the wrong thing for like 7 months now) in tropical frenzy.





The swatches are in order from left to right.  There is a range of undertones and finishes and densities among these but I love them all.

The Ashley Hackman lipstick has an orangey sheen on it, the clinique and e.l.f. are very sheer, the revlon is very shiny and a berry shade (bluish), the last one is also bluish and very bright.

Happy Lipstick Day!

xoxo, Sofia


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