This vs That: Maybelline BBs


You may have seen the new Maybelline Dream Pure BB and you may own the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB.  Although they are the same general category, they have a lot of differences.

The Dream Fresh BB has Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen as its active ingredient but the Dream Pure BB has Salicylic Acid to clear your skin while you wear it.

Dream Fresh BB’s benefits:  (according to the back)

  1. Blurs imperfections
  2. Enhances
  3. Brightens
  4. Adjusts to skin tone
  5. Smoothes
  6. Hydrates
  7. SPF 30 protects
  8. 0% oils and other heavy ingredients

Dream Pure BB’s benefits:

  1. Clears acne
  2. Conceals imperfections
  3. Minimizes look of pores
  4. Reduces appearance of redness
  5. Adjusts to skin tone
  6. Hydrates and smoothes
  7. Enhances and clarifies
  8. 0% oils and lightweight

As you can see, the Dream Fresh’s benefits are a lot more spread out.  For example, hydrates and smoothes are two separate benefits but in the Dream Pure, they are together to allow for more benefits to make the list.  Some are the same, but the ones for Dream Pure are more what I need for my skin.  Dream Pure also has a more matte finish while the Dream Fresh is much more shiny.

Overall, I use Dream Fresh when I am going to the pool or going to be active because it offers a tiny bit of coverage with SPF and it looks natural.  I wear Dream Pure on more of a daily basis because it is matte and skin clearing (I haven’t noticed a huge difference but it can’t hurt).
I recommend Dream Pure if you want more coverage, matte finish, and the skin clearing benefit.  I recommend Dream Fresh if you are very active but still like to wear makeup and want a bit of coverage (a mother of young kids, athlete, etc.)

xoxo, Sofia


6 thoughts on “This vs That: Maybelline BBs

  1. mmm, I’ve always been a bit curious about these. I’m using the Lancome BB cream. I just featured it on my new blog post. I’ve never used BB cream before but seriously obsessed with it now! 😀


    1. I am going away for 4 days to a lake so I am only bringing BB cream and I hope it will work out for me! I love BBs for lighter days that I don’t want to wear a full face of foundation! I usually layer mine with a shine free setting powder than a powder foundation for a little more coverage if I need it that day but I really depends on the day!


      1. Yeah I make sure to use primer under the BB cream. I’ve also found that wearing blush over BB cream makes the blush last the entire day! 🙂


      2. Oh! The blush is a really good idea! I have yet to find a super thick primer so I usually only wear mine when I need my makeup to stay on for like 12 hours. Have any good primer suggestions?


      3. YES!!! I have two. One is on one of my july favorites blog post actually. Here’s the link:

        It’s called Benefit the POREfessional. It’s pricey but it gets the job done. I like that it’s a neutral color. I think sephora has small sample sizes you can buy, not sure if they still have those.

        The second one I’ve been using is the Lancome primer. It’s a clear gel that’s about 10$ cheaper than the benefit one and works great as well.


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