Summer to Fall Fashion Transitions

There is always that awkward time between summer and fall that it is too cold to wear shorts and a tee shirt or a dress but too warm to wear jeans or a sweater.  What to do, what to do.  Well, I am here to inform you of cute and weather appropriate ways to wear both your summer and fall clothes in this time.
  1. Wear your favorite dress, but add little booties or straight up boots.  Skip the thick socks and rock them with invisible socks for now.

  2. Add a jacket to almost anything.  If you are wearing a skirt or dress or even a tank top, you can add a light jacket to keep warm but not too warm.

  3. Bring a sweater.  It’s time to actually listen to the person that says “bring a sweater”.  Bring a super chunky sweater or cardi to throw on once the sun goes down.  Wearing your favorite sundress?  Add a chunky cardi!  Rocking a skirt and a tee?  Throw on a sweater!

  4. Add tights.  Whether they be the thick opaque ones or the sheer ones, they do add some warmth and style.  You could even wear them with shorts, a tank, and a cardi!

  5. Add a scarf!  And a cardi.  When wearing classic shorts and a tank top, throw on a huge sweater and a scarf to compensate for the tank.

Have fun experimenting in this time of transition!




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