1 Year Anniversary Today!

Today My Style Pages is 1 year old.  I still remember making this blog on the landing of the staircase while Skype messaging one of my friends about how excited I was.  I have come so far in the past year.  My posts have transformed into my voice and are so much better (in my opinion).  I have contacted oodles of brands for samples to review on here and so far have gotten some (should be coming early next week!!!).  I have gotten about 130 followers and am so grateful for all of my viewers (even if you don’t follow) from the US and other countries.  Every time I look at which countries my views are, I am so happy to see all the different countries that have read my blog.  And also, thanks Christina for the One Lovely Blogger Award!  It meant a lot.

Thank you all for coming along with me through my style of writing, clothing, and makeup has changed (and changed and changed).

So basically, this entire post is a massive thank you to everyone who reads or follows my blog.  It makes me so happy that you like what I write.



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