Fall Trends: Flannels

Flannels are everywhere.  At my school today, there was a country themed dress up day but to be honest everyone just wore a flannel.  We had all been waiting to wear our brand-spanking-new flannels to school and today was the only day we were certain that we could wear one and not be pitted against each other in an epic Who Wore it Better competition.  I wore mine with some cut-off shorts that I DIY-ed myself, a navy racerback tank, a green and blue flannel, and my brown heeled booties from H&M.  So a new sub-trend that I have been noticing is that nearly everyone 1) leaves it open and 2) rolls the sleeves up about 3 times.

photo from taylorricefashion.blogspot.com

I recommend wearing them with a solid tank or tee underneath and a solid pair of pants like plain dark wash jeans or cute jean shorts.  A crop top can be cute under the bulky warmth of a flannel.  Flannels look cute a little longer, like the boyfriend jeans of shirts (bonus points if it actually is your boyfriend’s).


Another cute way to wear flannels is tied around your waist.  This is a great way to either hide your hips if they aren’t your favorite or fake bigger ones.  This also can make your waist look super tiny.  If you are worried about your shorts going up too much in the back (like most high-waisted shorts do now) this is a great way to wear the shorts and show off the front but hide the back.

Enjoy this awkward time of weather transition!





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