Modani Modern Furniture!

Hello lovelies, the furniture company Modani Modern Furniture has reached out to me to create a style board using some of their living room furniture and put it together the same way I would put together an outfit!  So, here is my living room!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.26.54 PM

Modani’s aesthetic is modern, simple and affordable.  This furniture is great quality and is reasonable prices because they try to sell these pieces at as close to wholesale price as possible.  You can find all these pieces and so many more on their website, modani modern furniture!  They also have so many locations all over the US and Canada and they have virtual tours of the modani modern furniture stores so you can take a look inside before you go!

Hope you all love it, I had so much fun using the pieces to create my dream living room!  And thank you to Addison for reaching out to me!


*Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored post, I was not paid for my opinions in any way*


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