2 Ways to Get Matte Lips without Matte Lipstick

Hello everybody! Today while I was doing my makeup, I decided to try 2 different things to get my new not matte lipstick mattified(?). One is my tried and true oil blotting sheet and the next was a new one that I read on Megansbeautyblog this morning. She said to put baby powder over your lipstick but I decided to take that a step further and use my new essence all about matt white powder.

image from wiseshe.com
image from wiseshe.com

The oil blotting sheet method I have been using for months and it basically takes the oil out of the lipstick.  It works but doesn’t make it completely matte.  It takes most of the shine away but not 100%.  You take a cheap oil blotting sheet like Forever 21’s, they are $1 for about 50.  I don’t like them for my face as much so I use them for my lips.  You just put it over your lips and gently press it in so t can absorb some oil then take it off and you have semi-matte lips!

The new method I tried today was with the essence all about matt white pressed powder.  I just used my finger to apply a generous amount of powder over my lips and patted it in until it was no longer white.  It took more powder than I expected but it worked well and made my lips pretty much completely matte.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Have you tried either of these?  Have any more methods?  Let me know!



11 thoughts on “2 Ways to Get Matte Lips without Matte Lipstick

  1. I have not tried these techniques before. I usually just buy them matte if I want the look, but this looks like a great way to get more looks out of the lipsticks you already own! Thanks for the tips!!

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