Easy Gold Eyes


Hello lovelies!  The other night I was playing around with an old eyeshadow palette and following a Zoella beauty tutorial and I ended up finding my new favorite makeup look.  Gold eyeshadow is universally flattering and super easy to wear.

While I created a whole eyeshadow look, it’s easy to wear it as simple as a swipe of your finger.

This eyeshadow is from e.l.f. (there is no color name printed on it) and it’s a metallic cream shadow/eyeliner that I love wearing.  Somedays I just swipe my finer across my eyelid and it makes my eyes pop beautifully and looks like you put in more effort than you did.  If you want more gold, simply use a very thin concealer or eyeliner brush and make a thin line around the bottom of your eyes (not on the waterline, on the skin right below it).  If you want to, simply add a thin line of brown pencil liner to give your eyes more definition. Finish with mascara.

If you want to be more subtle, simply use it as a cream eyeliner along the top and bottom lash lines, finishing with a coat of black mascara.


If you want a darker gold rather than a brighter one, go with a copper.  This is an eyeshadow stick from essence (in copper) that I use as an eyeliner around my top and bottom lash lines with some black mascara.

Gold and copper both flatter all eye colors but gold specifically brightens blue eyes.

What are your favorite colored eyeliners?  Let me know!



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