Chop Chop!

Hello lovelies!  As this Spring/Summer season begins, women everywhere have been chopping their locks, including me.  My hair used to hit at my waist but I have cut it to about an inch or two below my shoulders.  As it would end up, my hairstylist (or her substitute shall I say) thinned it quite a lot even though I told her not to. And the layers?  So, so many and far too short.  But it’s hair, it’ll grow out so I can finally start putting it in braids again.  Anyway, here are some of the chops that I think worked out the best!


Although Lauren Conrad did end up getting her hair cut shorter (to the jaw) after this, this was my preferred length.  (BUT, the super long is my all-time favorite hair on her).  Everyone needs to do something dramatic to their hair once in a while or life just gets boring.  Of course, Lauren’s dramatic cut happens to look amazing.  I also love the color, dark roots with really light sunny blonde.


Zoe got her hair cut this year.  Her hair was unbelievably long, maybe to her hips?  And she chopped it all off!  I really love this length on her but I will miss the long braids and topknots she did so well.  And I do miss her ombre.  But it was time, her hair looked like it was not healthy and needed to be cut.  She looks a lot more her age with this shorter hair.


Taylor Swift got her long hair cut last year.  This hair cut might be my favorite…ever.  It frames her face beautifully and looks amazing with her style.  It perfectly fits with her classic red-lip and winged eyeliner look but is so new and beautiful.  I had my hair this length once, too bad my hair was too thick and I wasn’t up for heat styling because Taylor looks gooood.


Kim Kardashian shocked everyone when she went bleach blonde earlier this month (but did you hear?  She’s back to brunette. Order has been restored), but I personally didn’t care for the blonde and much preferred her dark shoulder length hair she debuted this year!  It makes her look a lot better and brings a lightness to her look… even with that huge necklace on.

Have you joined the club and chopped your hair recently?  Are you thinking about it?  Let me know!



12 thoughts on “Chop Chop!

  1. I’ve been debating doing something crazy and different and having it all chopped off, but I know I’d regret it really. Secretly I just want long blonde, disney princess hair! (; haha x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never managed to let mine grow that long but thats sort of my goal length. I always see photos of people with amazing sorter hair and I’m like ahhhhh! I just want to do it! 😛 xx

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    1. I know exactly what you mean! I love it when someone styles it but then I don’t love it about 45 minutes later and want it back how it was. I think everyone is like that though ahah Thanks for reading! xoxo


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