What’s In My Makeup Bag

Hello lovelies!  Long time no see!  I got a new makeup bag a few weeks ago that I really love, not only because it is a Zoella Beauty bag but because it says “Just Say YES!” on it which is something I’m trying to do more.  And it is a really nice makeup bag!  It has the inside that you can wipe down with a sponge if something explodes unlike those fabric ones that are a fatality if they get any spills on them.  It also is very structured, so you can actually fit stuff in it.  It has a rectangular bottom and squares sides so everything F I T S.  It was about $10 because I got it on sale on FeelUnique.  Anyway, here it is and everything I keep inside!


I love the baby pink and gold dots on this bag, it isn’t boring but it isn’t childish at all.  LOVE.


Here is a general overview of everything that I keep in there.  And it all fits.  This is a lot of stuff to fit in a makeup bag of this size.  The amazing structure really is gold for me.  I keep my foundation which I can also use as a concealer, primer, a lip balm, mascara and blush.  There’s also a mini eyeshadow palette, a eyeliner brush and a purse Kabuki.  I also throw in my mini tangle teaser, a mini dry shampoo, blotting sheets, bobby pins, a setting powder, lipstick, perfume, and my favorite eyeshadow.


This is my go-to mascara, it was the first that I tried with this sort of brush (plastic, not a spoolie)  and I love it. All-time favorite right here.  I also love this tarte blush, it doubles as a highlighter. This essence white powder rotates out because when I know I will be getting my picture taken I avoid white powders at all costs (just google “celebrities white powder”, you’ll be horrified.  This lather lip balm is extremely thick and moisturizing which is great. The tarte primer is for when my makeup gets all weird on the oily zones around my nose and forehead so I can tap on some primer then foundation and balance it all out. I use the covergirl concealer a lot because it will always work, always blends perfectly.  The tarte one I just ran out of so I need a new waterproof one eventually but I love this one, it’s so blendable but the shade range is lacking.


This amika dry shampoo is from my Birchbox and samples like these are SO USEFUL, I carry this around all the time because when I’m on day 3 hair and I can feel the grossness that is my hair, I absolutely have to go to the bathroom and spray it away.  Then I use my Ti knock off purse tangle teaser (it was $4.99 at TjMaxx) to brush it out and I feel so much better. I always have a little perfume with me.  This foundation is my favorite (for some reason I like the smell a lot?) which is Rimmel Match Perfection.  The shade range is amazing, all undertones are equally represented and it is much appreciated. I got a mini empty perfume bottle from somewhere so i cleaned it out and sprayed mine in there but this one is from Birchbox. This elf eyeshadow is my favorite, it’s a perfect gold for any eye color and it appears in every single favorites post since I got it in my elf beauty bundle.  My favorite lipstick is the NYX matte in natural, a beautiful nude pink with the best texture ever.


I got this elf retractable makeup brush from my elf beauty bundle and I love it.  I just like to re-blend my makeup half-way through a long day to re-distribute all the product that gathered in oily areas, if you know what I mean.  This skinny eyeliner brush from elf is perfect for a very thin line of powdered liner.  My current eyebrow pencil is the essence brow designer in taupe with a little brush at the end which makes it easy to fix them on the go.  And my secret little altoids container…


Probably my favorite discovery of all time: bobby pins fit perfectly in a Altoids mini container.  Life changing to keep them all together.  This is a mini revealed palette sampler but I only use the matte black as eyeliner.  If I just dab it on my upper lash line, it makes my lashes look super thick and full.  Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets are expensive and you can get comparable quality from elf, but I like these because they glide over your makeup and don’t take as much off as others do.

Sorry this was so painfully long.  But what do you keep in your makeup bag?  Leave a comment!


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9 thoughts on “What’s In My Makeup Bag

    1. I think cheap ones work just as well like the elf ones! I also use the forever 21 blotting sheets to mattify my lipstick because they’re a dollar for maybe 100! oil blotting sheets are always a must have! xoxo

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