Relay For Life

In 2015, there will be an estimated 600,000 cancer deaths in America alone.

Hello lovelies, I am doing Relay For Life next month which is a way that the American Cancer Society raises money to research cancer and help survivors and patients lead amazing lives.  There is a link here to donate to my team.  You can just donate or you can donate a Luminaria bag which costs $10 and is lit with a candle to honor everyone lost to cancer during the ceremony which is below.


Relay for Life has this really cool thing that they do.  Someone from every single team has to be walking around the track all day and all night for 12 hours to symbolize how the fight against cancer never stops.  Team members take turns with this job to make it easier but in reality, it’s just the patient 24/7 until they are cancer free.

Something that I think is amazing about Relay for Life is that they have a program especially for women battling cancer who feel less than beautiful during their treatment.  They teach women beauty techniques to help them feel beautiful throughout chemotherapy and radiation.  It’s called the Look Better Feel Better program.  It’s free for patients and it helps women whose self-confidence plummets with losing their hair gain back the feeling that they are beautiful.  We are all so lucky to feel beautiful but women who are going through cancer treatment aren’t so lucky.

Another program that Relay for Life supports is called the Reach to Recovery program.  It connects Breast Cancer survivors with women who have just been diagnosed to give them support and someone who truly understands exactly how it feels. It also gives them hope to know that someone else has lived through it and they can too.  This program doesn’t only help the person with cancer, it gives support to their caregivers and family.  It’s amazing that women can get that kind of hope and support face to face or over the phone.  Having a disease can be a lonely time but this program makes the patient feel not as alone in their journey.

These are just two of the many programs that Relay for Life sponsors, you can see all of them and read more here. Of course, they use some of the money raised to do research on cancer.  For over 65 years, they have been doing research that has found new approaches in therapies and treatments that makes the whole experience a little better.

My school’s goal is $30,000.  I would love to contribute as much as possible to this number and make a difference.  Since all of you lovelies are some of the kindest people I have met, I thought I’d introduce this opportunity to you to give to this amazing cause.  If you can’t donate for any reason, please don’t feel bad.  I totally understand but if you also feel passionately about this cause, you can donate to me here. Even the smallest donation of $10 will help.

Thank you



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