Honey, What a Beauty

Hello lovelies!  I was contacted about this awesome infographic that has 11 DIY beauty recipes using honey.  I love the scent honey and all its amazing properties so I was excited to see all these DIYs put into one place with directions and the benefits.  It’s a pretty long one but I promise it’s worth it!

*NOTE: Before you put anything DIY on your skin, make sure you aren’t allergic to anything or don’t have sensitive skin.  Sometimes DIY facial treatments can be too harsh for very sensitive skin so if you have delicate skin, I’d stick with the hair and bath DIYs.


Alright so the first DIY is an acne treatment.  I’ve heard of a lot of people using just raw honey on their skin to clear it but remember not all DIY facial treatments work for everyone.  The next one is a honey bath soak which I think sounds so amazing, the scent and how soft your skin would be after would be amazing.  The cuticle moisturizer uses honey, apple cider vinegar and a very popular ingredient these days: coconut oil.  The honey heals skin, the apple cider vinegar softens skin and coconut oil protects.  I love a good cuticle treatment and this one is amazing!.  Again, be careful with your skin but you can also use this one on your body.  Honey and baking soda make a gentle exfoliator that I prefer on my body.

The hair conditioner is a dream, honey and coconut oil smooth and add shine to your hair which is what everyone wants, right?  The hair highlighter is my favorite, I am all about naturally making my hair lighter in the summer so this one especially give me more control over where the highlights are than something like shampoo which just goes all over my hair.

The next three are skincare and all are very hydrating and healing.  The shampoo booster is another one I like, it creates amazing shine!  The last one, a sunburn treatment, is one most of us will be needing this summer.  Aloe vera on its own is a good sunburn healer but with the added power of honey your sunburn will be healed in no time.

I hope you guys liked this as much as I enjoyed reading it!  And be sure to explore the site more, there’s a lot of really good articles about at-home manicures, taking care of your beauty tools, and so much more!

What is your favorite way to use honey?  Tea, hair, skin?  Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Honey, What a Beauty

  1. I’m so excited to try out some of these- especially the acne and face masks, who knew honey could do so many things? I tried the mayonnaise as conditioner craze last year and that killed my hair but I know I won’t be able to resist this honey one…thanks for the link!

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