e.l.f. Custom Compact/ Custom Eyeshadow Review!

Hello lovelies!  Today I thought I would begin to review the items I got in my recent e.l.f. order!  The first one I’ll review is the e.l.f. essentials Custom Compact with the 4 eyeshadow shades Pink Ice, Wheat, Peach Fizz, and Moondust!  I’m sure all of you know that it’s possible to spend nearly $55 on an eyeshadow palette with 12 colors, or $25 on one with 6.  In total, this cost me $2.05 for 4 high quality eyeshadows of my choice and a compact with a great mirror!


This is a small square compact with a massive mirror inside.  4 eyeshadow shades of your choice are magnetic to the inside, which means you can easily swap out shades when you want a different look, shades individually are $1.00 but I got them on sale for $0.39.  The closure is awesome and will not open in your bag 100%.  It’s a little one that clips into place not a magnet that could come undone.


There’s the little brush inside which I don’t use but I keep it in there for emergencies.  If my eyeshadow smudges and I need something to fix it with, I’ll use that but not when I have a real brush handy.

These eyeshadows do not crease with a primer.  They don’t fade or smudge easily which is awesome for such inexpensive shadows.   They’re long-lasting, buttery and glide on, as well as easy to build or sheer out!


Clockwise: Pink Ice, Wheat, Moondust, and Peach Fizz.

I use Pink Ice as an all over lid to brighten my eyes as well as a highlighter all over my face!  I purposefully got a pink-y shade not a more gold one because I like a pink-y white highlighter on my skin to give it some life.  I use Wheat as a crease color because it has a more neutral undertone than Moondust.  However, I use Moondust as a very dark crease if I want to but mostly as an eyebrow powder.  This matches my eyebrows so well when I apply it very lightly with a small brush.  Lastly, Peach Fizz is similar to another one I have but this one is a bit less orange so they have different uses.  I use this for some complimentary color on my blue eyes which makes them pop!

I’ve used this palette every day since I got it and I even took it to Toronto with me!  There are so many shades, I think upwards of 15 to choose from so this palette is entirely customizable!  This is probably my favorite powder eyeshadow formula I’ve ever tried and I will be purchasing many more shades!

What are your favorite e.l.f. eyeshadows?  Do you prefer the smudge pots or the powders?  Have any signature shades?  Let me know!



16 thoughts on “e.l.f. Custom Compact/ Custom Eyeshadow Review!

  1. What are you using now that pink ice is not available? I have been using pink ice for a couple of years. I am on my last pot. Sad! Help what are you using to replace?

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    1. I was browsing through the Morphe Brushes website last night and I definitely saw some similar shades, since there only about $2 they aren’t crazy expensive either!! Hope that helps! xoxo


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