The Liebster Award

Hello lovelies!  I was nominated by the gorgeous Brandi from EasyFastBeautyTips!  She has an amazing blog and you should all go give it a read.  Since I just did this post recently I will answer the questions but not nominate anyone.  These are Brandi’s questions for me!


10 Questions: 

1. What is one trend you use to love and now you hate?

I really can’t stand the ring finger painted a different color, it really gets me.  OR glitter polish is something I don’t like either.

2. What is your favorite thing to when you have a day off?

Usually I have crazy productive days.  I usually work out, write some blog posts, clean up, do a face mask and catch up on The Fosters.  I love getting the chance to sit down and write a few blog posts uninterrupted (like today).

3. Who is you favorite designer for purses?

Coach.  I just bought myself a coach wallet/crossbody (the LisaD if you’re wondering) in a gorgeous camel color.  It’s my pride and joy.  I had a heart attack when my cousin spilled a glass of water on it but it is okay!

4. Favorite food you could everyday for the rest of your life?

Oh man, hard question.  I love trying food but I guess generally I enjoy salads a lot and would love to eat them every day but I love a good chicken dish.

5. What is your Favorite store to shop at?

TopShop is my favorite.  I have looked for a clear raincoat for ages so when I walked in to TopShop and it was literally ten steps into the store I was thrilled.  I also got a denim buttoned skirt last time I was there!  Zara is also one I’ve recently discovered and loved.  I got a pair of jeans and a cardigan!

6. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring 1 person in the whole world, who would you bring?

I honestly have no idea.  Someone smart that I get along with I would image.  Not sure.

7. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

First their height because I am quite short, then I notice their eyes.

8. Where were you born?


9. Favorite Animal? 

Penguins or baby bunnies.  Baby bunnies are just SO CUTE.

10. Name one thing you want to do before you die

Have a happy family or travel.  I love traveling and being in airplanes so I really hope that I can travel a lot more!

Thank you again to Brandi for nominating me!



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