9 Tasty Water Infusions

Hello lovelies!  If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know that I love making water infusions!  It’s like flavored water without any chemicals or artificial sugars!  And you can make it however you want!  These are 10 of my favorites!


  1. Watermelon has a very light flavor and is sweet.  Super refreshing and tastes like fruit flavored water without all the sugar!
  2. Cucumber is one of my favorites and has a similar flavor to watermelon but savory not sweet.
  3. Strawberry is a good one as well!
  4. Lemon is a classic and is always very refreshing as well as helps detox your skin!
  5. Grapefruit and mint tastes like a yummy tea sort of water!
  6. Strawberry and mint is super refreshing and delicious.
  7. Pomegranate and mint is exotic and very unique!
  8. Blueberry has a very very subtle flavor but does taste good!
  9. Rosemary grapefruit are two amazing flavors that taste fantastic together.

You can cut your fruit to any size but I really like small cubes, I feel the flavor comes out better!  Make sure you don’t let your water over steep or it gets a bit bitter and not so tasty.

What’s your favorite water infusion?  Mine’s watermelon!  Leave a comment!



7 thoughts on “9 Tasty Water Infusions

  1. Thanks for the refreshing tips! I’m realy trying to drink more water because I often forget and then beocme dehydrated and I’m also hoping it well make my skin clear. I’ll defintely be trying these! How long should you let the fruit stay in the water?

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