Starlooks LooksBook: Shimmering Future

This month’s Starlooks Book had 3 amazing Fall products including a gold metallic eyeliner, a shimmering eyeshadow duo and a dark lipstick!  I really loved this month’s contents…let’s take a look!

This is the cute book that everything fits in, gorgeously patterned on the inside and outside!

The first item, a metallic gold eyeliner in Golden Ticket, is a perfect mini size for special nights out!  The formula isn’t super thick or opaque which makes it more wearable, but fear not…it is buildable!

The second was a beautiful eyeshadow duo in Fortune 500.  The first shade is a beautiful sheer gold glitter shadow while the other is peachy and slightly less sheer.  I’m excited to use these with other shades as a brightening glitter shade!

Lastly, there was a lip crayon and to be totally honest I was a little scared when I first opened it because it looks black.  Shortly before this I was about to buy a few dark lipsticks so I am open to the dark lipstick situation but I was afraid if it was black.  Never fear, it’s not and it’s a gorgeously buildable eggplant matte lip crayon!  I love this so much!

If you want to sign up for this box or find out more about it, click here!



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